Asbestos awareness

This asbestos awareness course is designed to give an awareness of the risks involved of working with asbestos, and then help workers develop the skills required to put in place the necessary control measures to ensure that any asbestos work is carried out as safely as possible.

Please note that as this is a Category A Asbestos Course, the information in this course is an awareness level of training. It does not allow you to work with asbestos or conduct asbestos removal. Such work requires practical training additional to this course.

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    1 hour
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  • Approved by:
    ECMT, The Netherlands

Course content


  • Why asbestos and asbestos-containing materials can be harmful and must be treated as hazardous substances
  • The very serious ill-health effects of asbestos
  • The control measures for asbestos required by the law
  • The responsibilities of employers and employees
  • What to do on discovery or accidental disturbance of asbestos-containing materialsAssessment (Test)


  • The Assessment consists of multiple-choice questions
  • After passing the assessment, you will receive a download link for your signed and stamped certificate
  • You are free to (re)print your certificate anytime. An original hard-copy by mail can be ordered (not included)


How it works

1. Sign up

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2. Take the course

You will need a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android). You can take the course online or download the course.

3. Assessment

The Assessment consists of multiple-choice questions. Upon successful completion of the assesment you will receive your certificate.

4. Certificate

You will receive a download link for your certificate. You are free to (re)print your certificate anytime. A signed and stamped original hard-copy by mail can be ordered.


Yes, this training is fully online, and you can join anytime.

  • This course takes approximately one (1) hour to complete.
  • It also depends on your English language proficiency. Native speakers may need less time.

Our online STCW courses are all in English (with the exception of the specific language courses).

  • This Asbestos Awareness online course is a Category A Asbestos Course.
  • This course is approved by ECMT, The Netherlands.

This course includes the following elements:

  • Why asbestos and materials containing asbestos can be harmful
  • Why these already hazardous substances must be handled
  • The health consequences of coming into contact with asbestos
  • The control measures required by law for asbestos
  • Responsibilities of employers and employees in relation to working with asbestos
  • What to do if asbestos-containing material is discovered or accidentally disturbed

This Asbestos Awareness course, is an awareness course. It is aimed at all people onboard a ship. If your job requires either working in an environment with asbestos or removing asbestos, additional practical course is then required.

What you will learn

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