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Security Awareness

Mandatory for all seafarers – Panama accepted

Security Awareness – NL/EU

Mandatory for all seafarers – MCA (UK) accepted

Security Awareness for Cruise Ships

Mandatory for all crewmembers of cruise ships – Panama accepted

Crowd Management

For seafarers who deal with passengers on board

Designated Security Duties

Mandatory for seafarers who have designated security duties – Panama accepted

Designated Security Duties NL-EU

Mandatory for seafarers who have designated security duties – MCA (UK) accepted

Crisis Management and Human Behavior

For officers and crew responsible for the safety of passengers

Safety Officer on Board

Every ship appoints a ship safety officer to handle important safety issues

Ship Security Officer – SSO

Training according to ISPS code for qualification as Ship Security Officer (SSO)

Basic First Aid

For seafarers who need to be able to practice elementary first aid on board ship

Company Security Officer – CSO

Training according to ISPS code for qualification as Company Security Officer (CSO)

Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity

For officers and crew sailing on ro-ro passenger ships

Cyber Security

Protect your ship from cyber-attacks with our online training – ISM requirement

Cyber Security for Superyacht crew

Cyberattacks can be a threat to the owners, their family, guests and the crew of a superyacht

Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

For seafarers with safety or pollution prevention duties

Food Safety and Hygiene for Galley Staff

For galley staff and food handlers on board ships – HACCP compliant

IHM Awareness training

Inventory of Hazardous Materials – mandatory as of 2021 – what you should know

IMDG Code awareness

The International Maritime Dangerous Good Code.

Asbestos awareness

For anyone who may encounter asbestos as part of their job

Manual Handling

For those are involved in tasks that requirin manual lifting, pushing or pulling

Working at Height

For everyone who will be working at heights where a safety harness is compulsory

Electrical Safety

Recognizing hazards associated with the use of electrical energy.

Mental Health Awareness

To recognise early signs of crew who may be struggling and develop the skills needed to respond effectively.

Mental Health Awareness Super Yachts

To recognise early signs of crew who may be struggling and develop the skills needed to respond effectively.

Safety Induction

Manage safety risk in the workplace.

Noise Awareness

Identifying noise and how best to protect yourself and those around you.


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Emergency Control Maritime Training BV (dba is a Rotterdam based maritime training institute. Several of our STCW courses are approved by The Netherlands (EU) Shipping Authorities under ID: NL45 or LISCR, the Liberian register. ISO 9001:2015 certified. is a trade name.

The STCW online courses are in compliance with the STCW Regulations of the IMO.

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