The recognition of STCW courses depends on the flag state of your vessel and the policy of the shipping company.

The recognition of STCW courses depends on the flag state of your ship and the policy of the shipping company.


As shipping company policies may vary, it is best to contact the crewing team at your new or current employer. They can best advise you on both their own policies and the requirements of the flag state.


Emergency Control Maritime Training BV (dba STCW.online) is a maritime training institute based in Rotterdam. Several of its STCW courses are approved by the Dutch (EU) shipping authorities under ID: NL45 or/and the Liberian Register (if applicable). Both countries are on the IMO Whitelist.

Yes, several STCW.online courses have been approved by multiple governments. This is always indicated on the course page.

Yes, our courses that are approved by the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate (EU) are accepted by MCA (UK).

This course can only be followed ashore at a recognized institute, because it involves practical exercises, such as fire fighting, etc. This can be done for example at ec-mt.com in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

If you are experiencing problems with your payment, please contact [email protected].

Yes, it is possible to purchase multiple courses at once. However, you will need to create an account first.

Once you have purchased the course it is not possible to cancel it. For special requests we may consider a refund.

No, all of our courses on STCW.online are taught in English.

Yes, this is possible. The company in question will then have to purchase the courses on your behalf.

Only for the Security Awareness (NL-EU) and Designated Security Duties (NL-EU) courses you will need to scan your ID after passing the course.

If you need a printed, signed and stamped certificate(s), we will send it to you by international standard mail with Track & Trace. Depending on where you live this can take up to 14 days. For administration and postage costs we will charge you 25 Euro. You can add up to 4 certificates in one shipment. 


The easiest way to order a hardcopy certificate is through your academy profile. Below are clear instructions to help you through the process:


  • First log into your academy account and the click the Course Catalog tab on the right

Hard Copy instructions 1

  • Next type hardcopy in the search box, which should bring up the hardcopy product

Hardcopy instructions 2


  • From there, just click the button and follow the payment options.

Once you have found a STCW.online course you wish to take you’ll be prompted to make payment. After successfully paying for the course you’ll finish completing your account and gain access to our online academy portal.

 Click on ‘Learner’ to open the pull down and then on ‘My info’.

Once you have purchased a course you will be able to create & login to your account. You can find the login page here. Enter your username and password and click the orange button to gain access.

When you log into the learning environment, you can choose to start where your left off.

On the course page of STCW.online, you can find all our online STCW courses. When you find a suitable course, create a free account, pick a course and pay.

When you log into the learning environment, Click on ‘Learner’ to open the pull down and then on ‘My certificates’.

You will have access to your course content for 90 days after you register. You must take your test within this time frame.

Depending on legislation and time at sea it can vary between 5 years and indefinite.

If you are experiencing problems with your payment, please contact [email protected].

The course starts by opening in a new window. In our experience, this can be a problem when using a Mac. We recommend that you use Google Chrome instead of Safari. But if you still want to use Safari (MAC), follow these steps to solve the problem.

 Safari (Mac)

  1. Click Safari and choose Preferences.
  2. Go to the Privacy tab.
  3. In the Cookies and website data section, clear the Block all cookies check box.

Note: Also make sure the Prevent cross-site tracking check box is unchecked.

 You can also take the course on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). If all went well, you received an email with instructions to download the App and log in when you registered.  The big advantage of using the App is that it works even when you are offline and synchronizes when you are back online.

If you have not received anything after 14 days, please contact us directly at [email protected].

In case you have purchased the wrong course, you should not continue the course and request to change it by email to [email protected].

Please look on this page https://stcw.online/termsofuse/

If you have forgotten your password you can request it again by using the forgot your password button on this page.

You will receive an email with a download link immediately after you have fully completed the course.

When you are logged in, you will enter the learning environment. Click on ‘Learner’ to open the pull down and then on ‘My courses’.

Yes, after completing an STCW course, you will have immediate access to your digital STCW certificate. You will receive an email with a download link.

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