Safety Officer on Board

Every ship appoints a ship safety officer to handle important safety issues related to the ship and the crew.

The safety officer acts as the safety advisor on board ships and ensures that all requirements related to health and safety are met.

On the basis of risk assessments and investigations, the ship safety officer makes recommendations to the master on health and safety matters. It is the duty of the safety officer to look out for potential hazards and means of preventing incidents on board ship. This Safety Officer on Board online course further discusses these topics. 

The Safety Officer on Board online course is based on the Guidelines given in the STCW  A-II/2 & A-III/2 and IMO Model Course 3.11 (Marine Accident & Incident Investigation).

In addition, upon successful completion of the safety officer courses online, it is possible to request a hard copy of the Safety Officer on Board certificate (not included).

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  • Duration:
    3 hours
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  • Approved by:
    ECMT, The Netherlands

Course content

Safety officer on board course
Safety officer on board course
Safety officer on board course
Safety officer on board course
Safety officer on board course
  • Duties of a Safety Officer
  • ISM code
  • Hazard identification
  • Managing hazards
  • Risk assessment
  • Incident investigation
  • Assessment


  • The Assessment consists of multiple-choice questions
  • After passing the assessment, you will receive a download link for your signed and stamped certificate
  • You are free to (re)print your certificate anytime. An original hard-copy by mail can be ordered (not included)


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2. Take the course

You will need a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android). You can take the course online or download the course.

3. Assessment

The Assessment consists of multiple-choice questions. Upon successful completion of the assesment you will receive your certificate.

4. Certificate

You will receive a download link for your certificate. You are free to (re)print your certificate anytime. A signed and stamped original hard-copy by mail can be ordered.


Yes, this training is fully online, and you can join anytime.

  • The course is based on STCW A-II/2 & A-III/2 guidelines and IMO Model Course 3.11 (Marine Accident & Incident Investigation).
  • This course is approved by Emergency Control Maritime Training BV (dba, a maritime training institute based in Rotterdam.
  • Several of its STCW courses are approved by the Dutch (EU) maritime authorities under ID: NL45 or/and the Liberian Register (if applicable). Both countries are on the IMO “Whitelist”.
  • This course does not require flag state approval.

  • This course takes an average of three (3) hours to complete.
  • This also depends on your English language proficiency. Native speakers might need less time.

Our online STCW courses are all in English (except specific language courses).

This online course is designed for the safety officer of a ship.

Taking this course will help the safety officer to prevent incidents and potential hazards on board. The subjects relevant to ship’s safety are covered in this Safety Officer on Board course.

This course contains the following elements:

  • Upon completion of this course, you will become familiar with cyber security and be able to: Have the knowledge of the general dangers involved in shipboard operations
  • Understand the role of a safety officer
  • Understand the importance of identifying general hazards and safety awareness
  • Carry out Risk assessment
  • Carry out accident investigations and root cause analysis

What you will learn


The duties of a Safety Officer SO

ISM code

Learn all the aspects of ISM code courses

Managing hazards

Identify and manage hazards

Online STCW courses

Incident investigation

Lead the investigation of incidents

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